December 27, 2007


This is a test.

January 28, 2007



Finally, the first, ehm, object, is ready to be sold on eBay - because of my next future moving from Grotta1 ("Cave1", the apt where I live) to Grotta2 ("Cave2", the huuuge apt where I will move in a few weeks). A pocket-size little object: a full complete modular italian-style modern kitchen. Here (via, description is in Italian).

The fact is that a new home requires a new kitchen. At least, this is my partner's rule. So, I have to sell my actual one at the unbelievable low discounted price of 1,995 € (that is approx $2,200 USD). Now, why should I buy your kitchen, you will ask, instead of going to a shop and buy and brand new one? Simple.

  • wifi connection. You can surf the internet from the horn display;
  • Skype. The cooking area is connected via Skype, you can call via VoIP while you cook your favourite dish;
  • The big wood spoon is compatible with your Wii console. This way you can substitute your traditional remote controller with the spoon, while you cook;
  • Dishwasher has an integrated 3G smartphone (US readers: you will get 3G in 4/5 years, if you live in a big town area and if you have no mountains that act as a barrier). Only issue: WinMobile is the OS (if it crashes, just restart the device).

That's it. If you are interested, the giusecKitchen is on, under the cucine componibili category (modular kitchens). If, instead, you are already kitchen-equipped, then stay tuned. A new collection of wonderful objects for geek will be soon added to eBay.

January 27, 2007

Starting to pack.

Starting to pack
Starting to pack, uploaded by giusec.
After one week marketing Summit, disclosing marketing plans but also marketing analysis and then marketing and finally marketing again, I am back home (Grotta1). We have started to pack first books and personal stuff. The first closet has been removed; it will be readapted for the new big apartment (Grotta2). We are only ten days far from the final contract signs. And one month far to get full property (the actual owner has one month to move all stuff to his new apt). And 2 months to move to Grotta2.
In the meanwhile,  I am ready for new business travels. Europe, mainly. First week of March, Orange County. But that's already another story.

January 22, 2007

Free Wifi HotSpots in Milan.

I have just installed a brand new Wifi net, to test my superfast 54Mbps 802.11g D-Link AccessPoint (and related desktop and laptop adapters). Now I am finally ready to move to the new house (code name: Grotta 2.0, Cave 2.0; I will write more about the moving later this month).

And I am so excited that I need to write more about Wifi and HotSpots. A list of Free Wifi HotSpots in Milan? Why not. Let's start.

  • Bitage Free Wifi. Bitage is the first to bring this service to Italy. You just need to register and give your mobile number in order to connect to Bitage hotspots. All locations are in Milan, with the exception of a couple of restaurants in Rome.
  • Free Wifi restaurant and cafe list, via MilanoTonight. Very accurate and updated.
  • Free Hotspot directory, via

Note. My new superfast HotSpot is protected and not free. But if you ask or if you are my guest...

January 21, 2007

Weather shift.

While Europe is still under the effects of Kyrill, the storm that brough an incredibly high temp over the entire continent (25 degrees celsius in Turin! 17 in Milan, 14 in Central Germany), things seem to be slightly different in US...
Picture above (the rest is here, via Flickr) shows in fact what happens today in Austin, middle of Texas. Ice, road closed, traffic, accidents. Photos courtesy of Mau-Casa Italia, Austin.

January 14, 2007

giusec's blog mobile version.

Question. Is there any mobile version of giusec's blog? Answer. Noo. Author is too lazy. You know. But here are a couple of services to make a mobile version out of your MT or Wordpress or whatever blog.

Just go to the following web sites, enter your blog's URL and the game is over. You will get a text-only, light version of your blog, ready to be dowloaded on your mobile/PDA/smartphone.

  • Google's mobilizer service [link]
  • Mobile leap [link]
  • [link]
  • Skweezer [link]

So, as an example, here is the giusec's blog mobile version generated with Google service (no images option).

If, instead, you really want to make your blog mobile-friendly in few minutes (well, this is what the author states) just click on this link and follow's Mike Davidson's suggestions.

January 10, 2007

Leaving. And hiring.

After one month break, I am ready to start again with my business traveling. This time, trip will be short: two full days in Munich, Germany. Back to Milan on friday night.

Also, a friend of mine is looking for candidates for the position below. Industry is Telecom. Location Milan, North Italy.

We are looking for an Account Manager, age max 32-35 y.o.; we accept candidates with little or no sales experience. Technical backgrond has to be strong in IP-networks, UMTS networks (radio and core), possibily with working experience in International vendors or System Integration companies.

If you are interested, please drop me an email (English mandatory). And good luck. 


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