January 28, 2007



Finally, the first, ehm, object, is ready to be sold on eBay - because of my next future moving from Grotta1 ("Cave1", the apt where I live) to Grotta2 ("Cave2", the huuuge apt where I will move in a few weeks). A pocket-size little object: a full complete modular italian-style modern kitchen. Here (via, description is in Italian).

The fact is that a new home requires a new kitchen. At least, this is my partner's rule. So, I have to sell my actual one at the unbelievable low discounted price of 1,995 € (that is approx $2,200 USD). Now, why should I buy your kitchen, you will ask, instead of going to a shop and buy and brand new one? Simple.

  • wifi connection. You can surf the internet from the horn display;
  • Skype. The cooking area is connected via Skype, you can call via VoIP while you cook your favourite dish;
  • The big wood spoon is compatible with your Wii console. This way you can substitute your traditional remote controller with the spoon, while you cook;
  • Dishwasher has an integrated 3G smartphone (US readers: you will get 3G in 4/5 years, if you live in a big town area and if you have no mountains that act as a barrier). Only issue: WinMobile is the OS (if it crashes, just restart the device).

That's it. If you are interested, the giusecKitchen is on, under the cucine componibili category (modular kitchens). If, instead, you are already kitchen-equipped, then stay tuned. A new collection of wonderful objects for geek will be soon added to eBay.

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January 27, 2007

Starting to pack.

Starting to pack
Starting to pack, uploaded by giusec.
After one week marketing Summit, disclosing marketing plans but also marketing analysis and then marketing and finally marketing again, I am back home (Grotta1). We have started to pack first books and personal stuff. The first closet has been removed; it will be readapted for the new big apartment (Grotta2). We are only ten days far from the final contract signs. And one month far to get full property (the actual owner has one month to move all stuff to his new apt). And 2 months to move to Grotta2.
In the meanwhile,  I am ready for new business travels. Europe, mainly. First week of March, Orange County. But that's already another story.
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January 3, 2007

giusec on

First. The long list of bookmarks and tags published on the previous post has been generated automatically from; I will explain how to automate it for your blog in a later post.

Said that, let's talk about Everybody knows (or should know) what is. From the site about: is a social bookmarking website - the primary use of is to store your bookmarks online, which allows you to access the same bookmarks from any computer and add bookmarks from anywhere, too. On, you can use tags to organize and remember your bookmarks, which is a much more flexible system than folders.

In few words, you can store your links and favourites (bookmarking), online; they are accessible from everywhere; they can be shared with other users (that's why social). If you want to see giusec's page just go here. If you want to add giusec's bookmarks to your network, just click here. Finally, you can use giusec's links on the right column to review my bookmarks or to add my blog to your network at any time.

If you are a Firefox user (you are, right? you are?) you can add icons to your browser toolbar, simply downloading and installing the useful plugin for Firefox.

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December 22, 2006

Some recruiting hints.

Before you are a leader, success is about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others. (*)

(*) Jeck Welch. Readers know that I am a Marketer. They (should) also know that I have a team reporting to me; this is a very distributed and virtual team. Based in Italy, Germany, Scandinavia, Spain. There are less than ten people in each location. This situation needs a communication and coordination effort with no equals.

People is the main asset companies do have. Rectuiting is then a crucial activity for every manager and for every company. Sure, I am not the first and the last one pointing this concept out. But I can tell you about my experience.

I spent the last six months recruiting people and redesigning my organization. That was not my only activity, of course. I had to run an international marketing department, in fact. The recruiting task took initially 20% of my time - and ended more or less with a full time effort. Thinking about the right profiles. Redesigning the organization. Applying some designing tools (i.e. activity by competency matrix). Choosing the right vehicle to search candidates (Monster? No way! Head hunters? Yes, for some specific positions. Magazines? Yes, FAZ in Germany, El Pais in Spain, Corriere in Italy). And then reviewing CVs, calling candidates, interviewing (Milan, Dusseldorf, Copenhagen), assessing.

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December 11, 2006

About giusec.

This is the blog of giusec (simple, uh?). The guy behind this funny nickname is Giuseppe Caltabiano. Italian, 38 y.o., he actually lives in Milan (Milan-Italy, not Milan-Texas), Engineer, got an MBA at SDA Bocconi, works as a responsible for marketing in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) for a US-based software company and travels all around US, Europe, Africa and Middle East because of his job (and leasure, some time).

giusec writes about business vagabonding (the way he likes to call his professional life); locations, places, people, cultures, languages, hotels, food. He also writes about Milan, the city where he actually lives, with his wife and his micro-daughter (Asia, 16 months-old). And he is fascinated about some stuff, like: blogging, marketing, software, high tech stuff, Movable Type and social networking.

giusec started blogging two years ago. Here you can find his Italian blog (giusec&frienz). He decided recently to switch from Italian to English. In fact, he loves languages. He's now planning to start a new blog in catalan and a fourth in sicilian dialect.

giusec RSS is here (atom) and here (RSS 2.0).

giusec can be contacted (yes, he can be contacted): 

  • via email: giusec at yahoo dot com
  • always via email: giusec at gmail dot com
  • via MSN Messenger: giusec at
  • via Yahoo!Messenger: guess what? giusec at yahoo dot com
  • via ICQ: never used ICQ
  • via Skype: giusecnet
  • via Google Talk: giusec at gmail dot com 
giusec travels a lot. Right. If you want to discover where giusec is today, just go to Or click directly here. Or go to home page and watch the Plazes badge. On the right column.

giusec also owns a Flickr account, where he uploads pictures of Milan, his family & friends, the beautiful little Asia and his many trips around the world.

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